Baking It Personal

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delivery Information:

Baking It Personal will deliver your order to your home or workplace within the Ann Arbor city limits. Locations around Ann Arbor are possible for delivery, but will incur a delivery charge. This charge will be mentioned in your order price quote. Payment will be taken at time of delivery. Exceptions MAY be possible if your delivery location is particularly convenient. Feel free to request, and we'll try to make it work!

need it immediately?

If you need Baking It Personal's services in less than a week, or if you need delivery on a day other than Friday, feel free to make your request.  Service can't be guaranteed on short notice, but may be possible! 

Ordering Information:

Send your baking requests one week (or more) in advance to: 

You may choose something off the What's Baking page, or send your own recipe or idea.

Please include the following information:

  • Name
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Baking request
  • Gift information, if applicable
  • Where you will want your baked goods delivered, or if you prefer to pick up your order in the Packard & Stadium area.
  • Method of payment at time of delivery: cash, check, credit card, PayPal

You should get an email response within 24-36 hours, including a price quote for your order.

important note:

Baking It Personal does reserve the right to refuse to process a submitted recipe. Keep in mind that Baking It Personal is subject to the Michigan Cottage Food Laws. "Under the Cottage Food Law, non-potentially hazardous foods that do not require time and/or temperature control for safety can be produced in a home kitchen (the kitchen of the person's primary domestic residence) for direct sale to customers." More information on the Michigan Cottage Food laws can be found here. These laws also require that all sales are direct sales, so that baked goods cannot be mailed.