The History of Lisa Adams and Baking It Personal

About Lisa...
My name is Lisa Adams, and Baking It Personal is an adventure I started in December of 2014. My baking "career" began as a child in the kitchen with my mother, baking chocolate chip cookies. Later, as a teenager, I discovered a passion for cake decorating while working in a Carvel Ice Cream store. Since then (even though I still enjoy decorating cakes,) I have found that I love everything about baking. I enjoy the whole process, including the creativity of tweaking an old recipe or the challenge of learning a new one. I love trying new things and creating beautiful, delicious foods that bring smiles to people's faces. I have spent over 35 years baking for my family, my friends, and my community, to include baking for large community events. I am now sharing my skills with the Ann Arbor, MI area.

About Baking It Personal...
My intention in starting Baking It Personal was to provide a unique service, something not currently available in my community. As I talked to people and pondered how my personal baking business could be different, I discovered some important issues that I'm hoping Baking It Personal can resolve:

  • Lots of people like to cook, but not so many like (or have time) to bake
  • Most baking businesses require people to choose from their menu, thereby limiting the customer's choices
  • There are plenty of baking businesses to choose from, but none of them offer to bake your recipes‚Äč

Baking It Personal is a new custom baking service that bakes to order. When you place an order with Baking It Personal, your baked goods will be what you want, how you want them, when you want them, fresh baked and delivered to you - and all within your budget.

This website offers ideas , but what makes Baking It Personal unique is the offer to make your recipes. When you place an order with Baking It Personal, you can also choose the form of the final product. A popular favorite, Chocolate Chip Banana Bread, for example, can be made as loaves, mini-loaves,  muffins, or specialty shapes. Cookies can be cut in custom shapes. Cakes can be many different shapes and sizes, cupcakes, or cupcake-cakes that look like like sheet cakes suitable for special occasions.

Your ideas are welcome! 

Lose the guilt! I can make a time consuming recipe like baklava and enjoy doing it. You don't have to choose from a menu any longer. I can make your recipes or help you find recipes that meet your needs.  Even gourmet cooks can find that they don't have the time or patience to prepare a time consuming recipe (like Baklava,) especially around holidays and special occasions.

Let Baking It Personal handle your baking needs, without sacrificing the quality you demand.

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